The Book Fayre is owned and run by Kath & Reggie – a husband and wife team; previously a primary school teacher and RAF pilot. We are helped by our lovely
staff – Jenna, Sue, Sophie and Anna – alongside our super weekender, Alfie.  We are also honoured to provide work experience for community volunteers
and school students. The Book Fayre is a member of the Booksellers Association.



Before opening the shop, Kath,
a mother of four, was a primary school teacher, and knew nothing about the book trade. A chance conversation in a pub led to the establishment of her first bookshop.

Kath is a bit of a science geek and loves cats. Her most frequently read book is ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ and her favourite film is ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. She drinks espresso and red wine. She is married to Reg.



Lou is a voracious reader of all genres of books. Her positive, enthusiastic personality is contagious. She is our calming influence at the shop and is training to be a yoga instructor. Lou enjoys white wine, and would never say 'No' to a glass of bubbly!



Jenna, our resident American bibliophile harassed Kath for a job, who eventually gave in. Her daughter Grace is a bookworm, and an excellent shop floor sweeper. Jenna always listens to Ludovico Einaudi or other such soporific music. She loves autumn, short stories, classic American literature and strong, milky cups of English tea. And red wine. And her husband, who some say, could be Batman.



Sue’s favourite colour is green. Sometimes even her hair is green. She is our second hand book expert, and our posting elf. Always on the go, her energy is admirable, especially when walking her two boisterous dogs. Sue could frequently throw the shop computer and printer out of the window. Her favourite drink isn’t red wine.



Anna drinks red wine. She is a travel and film geek, and would love to live in the USA. At the moment we are lucky to have her here. She loves a good thriller or crime novel, and always has great recommendations for our customers. She says she really does like spending time with her husband and two teenage boys.



Reg used to fly planes in the RAF. Now he shares his time between flying simulators and running the second hand book department, alongside the military and aviation gifts department. He gets frustrated by slow internet connections. He drinks Guinness, strong coffee, and Guinness. And red wine. Reg’s taste in books is wide ranging and eclectic. He collects Stephen King and Ian Fleming first editions. He is luckily married to Kath.

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